FunCity combines three all-time favorite attractions in one mobile, trailer-mounted unit: Softplay, Bungee Trampoline, and Climbing Wall create a fun-filled, high-energy environment, offering three proven income generators and a high turnover capacity – a perfect solution for young and old at all types of events.

Buzzing Fun for Kids & Peace of Mind for Parents

  • One-stop fun: all trendy, interactive attractions in one place
  • Safe supervision: all kids easily taken care of at one location
  • Variety of rides: engaging everyone together
  • Complete entertainment package: athletic & coordinative challenges, self-esteem boosting, and social play

Visitor Engagement & Efficient Use of Space for Event Organizers:

  • All-in-one solution: no waste of space for different rides
  • Eye-catching innovation: attract visitors & draw in the crowds
  • Vibrant, energetic atmosphere: animate spaces and entire zones
  • Safe fun for all ages: engage all visitor groups
  • The go-to spot: short distances between rides, families & groups can stay together
  • Supervision & varied kids’ entertainment: parents can spend more time at the event

 Exceptional Business for Owners

  • Higher turnovers and profits than single attractions
  • Fast return on investment
  • More and better contracts for corporate events
  • Less risk (at events at your own expense, space lease, …)
  • Lower operating costs than as individual attractions
  • Similar space requirements as a 4-station Bungee Trampoline
  • Serve all ages: Softplay 2-8 yrs., Climbing Wall 3-99 yrs., Bungee Trampoline 3-99 yrs.
  • Addictive & contagious fun: participants are highly likely to try the next ride

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 Example Turnover Calculation*


Bungee Trampoline


Climbing Wall


Ride fee €5 €3 €3 
Duration5 min20 min6 min 
Customers p. h. per station10158 
Stations / Routes4 2 
Hours of operation per day   8
Total customers p.h404516 
Turnover p.h.€200€135€48€383
Total turnover per day (100% capacity)   €3.064
Total turnover per day (66% capacity)   €2.022


*- The calculation is based on standard ride fees in most developed countries (e.g. Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavian countries, etc.). In Spain, the UK, Italy, Greece, and Eastern European countries, prices tend to be a bit lower, while in the UAE, Singapore, and other prime locations they tend to be significantly higher. The operating costs and thus the profit depend on staffing and site lease agreements.

At a realistic 66% capacity use, FunCity is capable of generating a turnover of €60.660 and achieving a return of investment in only 30 days of operation. This makes it one of the most profitable attractions on the market!

 Designed for Efficient Operation

  • State of the art design & technology
  • Long-lasting & durable materials (aluminum, zinc-plated & galvanized steel, etc.)
  • Dimensions in operation: 9m x 11m
  • Transport dimensions: 7.5m long , 2,45m wide, 3.6m high
  • Weight: 2900 kg
  • Reasonable set-up time (approx. 3 hours)
  • Perfect geometries facilitate exceptionally high jumps
  • Rides safely stored when not in operation or during transport
  • Optional autobelay system for hands-free climbing wall operation
  • Optional roof tent for weather-independent operation

FunCity Sales & Bookings

For more information, purchase inquiries, event bookings, and more, contact us at

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